Saturday, 25 February 2017

Can I write a story in a single day?

Today I try a new writing method. Until now I designed a story in three stages:
  1. Take a book, and edit it down to just the choices the hero has to make
  2. Convert these choices into game pages, so I know what pictures to draw
  3. After drawing the pictures, produce the finished web pages.
Today I try a new, faster method:

1. Read the book and produce the finished web pages as I go (with gaps for pictures)

My goal is to convert a book in the same time it takes to read the book!  Which might seem impossible, but remember that I'm only looking for choices, so I can skim read large sections before slowing down for the decisions. 

Let's see if it works. Today I read H. G. Wells' The Time Machine. Can I have a finished story by tonight? And then draw all the pictures over the next two days? Probably not, but the previous method took six days to write a story, and I hope I can get it down to two. We shall see!

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