Friday 29 September 2017

The NEW Tedagame!

It's now late 2017. That's 20 years since my original plan to create an endless, do anything game. In that time I've made six different failed attempts at coding it (first in C++, then with SLUDGE, then AGS, then three online versions.)  On the way I also made five full size adventure games and two dozen online "choose your own adventure" type games. The current Tedagame site has the most recent eight. But these were an admission of failure: I really wanted the game to be automated, with characters walking, clicking on objects, etc.

One month ago I had a breakthrough. I think I can now code the original idea, but in a super simple way. After a month of experimenting I am further ahead than I was after six months of the previous attempt. This will actually work!!! Here are some test screenshots. The finished version will look a lot nicer, this is just testing the code.

So once again I say to my every patient imaginary readers, watch this space! It doesn't matter how long the journey takes, it's where you finish that matters. Tedagame will change the world. You just watch.