Tuesday 2 May 2017

The purpose of life

The latest update is an expanded "after death" section for War of The Worlds. After that I plan for a new episode on the first day of every month.

I had intended to just add a couple of extra scenes. But it's all about mind expansion, so a tiny edit ended up much, much bigger than planned. It deals with the biggest questions of all:
  1. What are the limits to the idea of "endless, do anything"?
  2. What are aliens really like?
  3. What is the final end to the Martian saga? If they come back in greater numbers, what then?
  4. What is the purpose of life? (Inspired by reading about Luigi Fantappiè's theory of synergy versus entropy)
I think most books and movies get these topics wrong:
  1. Eternity should be infinitely bigger and more interesting than now. It should not be just an extension of what we currently think.
  2. Aliens are not like us!!! They would not have human level intelligence and technology. I am weary of stories where aliens are just stand-ins for humans. I'm looking at you, Star Wars, Independence Day, Star Trek (though to be fair, Star Trek does have some good ideas), the Marvel Universe, etc, etc. And if they are like us then watch out! I think Jack Kirby had it right. His aliens were big. before other writers shrunk them down to human level.
  3. I do not want Martians to be defeated then disappear, and I definitely don't want them to just come back again and again like in a bad comic. I want this to mean something, and mean something BIG.
  4. I want satisfying answers: can we really expand forever? Would we want to? What would we do? Does perfection mean no more change? No freedom? no conflict of any kind?
I like the idea that, in many years' time, when people have explored years of TEDAgame developing its ideas, they will go back and see the very first story in a completely new light. They will see that the Martians were the opposite of what they thought.

The answers were always staring us in the face, always available from the very start, just like in real life.

I am not trying to hide anything. I am trying to show ideas, no artificially keep secrets as a trick to make you read. That is probably why I will never be rich in the current economy. I do not believe in artificial scarcity.

Oh, and what is the purpose of life? To create order forever. This can only happen based on complete freedom for all, because conflict wastes resources, which makes you weaker, so you eventually fail. Order creates freedom creates harmony, beauty, and everything we could possibly want.

And this can only happen because the universe, being made of numbers, is infinite in all directions. There will always be interesting conflicts at the edges, and the edges expand forever.