Thursday 6 April 2017

1: The War of The Worlds

This is the first issue! The origin story! It all starts here! From now on, TEDAgame will be a continuous story, with a cliffhanger ending each month.

Over the next few months the existing stories will be adapted slightly so they fit into the continuous story. E.g. Journey to the Center of the Earth" will probably become episode 5. Gilgamesh will probably fit somewhere around episode 15.

Monthly episodes

I'm still developing the idea, but by this summer (June or so) each new story should come out reliably on the first of each month. This is basically a monthly comic, except you decide what happens, and you can add whatever you want. This is how all comics should be, in my opinion.


  1. Then, the man grabbed a lasso because he was a cowboy. The aliens tried to hide but this cowboy lassoed the sun. Then the cowboy pulled and pulled until the sun was out. Then the aliens melt, melt, melt until the aliens were a pile of green puddles. (Typed for my son, Cash. This is his response. He is 8 years old.)

    1. Love it! That's just the kind of idea I want in the game. As I said in the latest post, I'm redesigning it from scratch to be a proper animated game. Hopefully it will be ready before Cash is too much older. I will make sure it includes aliens and cowboys. That's why the game is taking so long, I want it to contain everything!

  2. P.S. sorry your post wasn't shown at first, for some reason it was marked as spam.