Monday, 13 March 2017

A last! Spell checking!

My built in spell checker stinks. As you may have noticed. Each page is spell checked at least three times yet typos are everywhere!  Aaaaaargh!

This is because

  1. I need to type so quickly
  2. the spell checker doesn't know the difference between HTML and ordinary words, so every second word is underlined - I can't see the real mistakes from the false ones.
  3. There is no way to tell it "next time ignore this word, OK?"
But today all that changes! I discovered "Microspell". It's wonderful! I just told it to check my entire site, and was able to fix about a hundred typos that I missed before. Hooray!! I can't guarantee that the site is typo free - after all, this is me we are talking about - but it's getting better.

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