Monday, 30 January 2017

The endless do anything game is... real life

It's no great secret that "the endless do anything game" is life itself. That's the secret. And it will stay a secret because most people find it either incomprehensible or not worth their attention. :)

My hero embodies my belief that real life is the life of the mind. That your identity, what makes you YOU, is not really your memories (those are constantly changing) but your underlying values.

Imaginary people embody real values. Your values are based in one physical body, and theirs are shared across MANY physical bodies. So which of you is more real?

My theory of consciousness

I argue that consciousness is ideas and feelings: that is, information. Therefore YOU are information, and your physical body is merely a carrier. And since information can easily spread, so YOU spread out. So death is no barrier. So life is endless and you can (eventually) do anything. Hence life is the endless do anything game. And real life is the life of the mind. 

Good stories are a guide to real values, and real possibilities. So they are real. But a more compressed, high speed version of reality.

What I expect from wizards

I remember as a child, I loved reading about very clever people in books. Until one day I realised that they were not really clever, the wizards and wise men in books usually just mumble platitudes and hocus pocus. So I decided that if I ever wrote a book with thinkers, my thinkers would have something genuinely deep to say.

Of course all my theories could be nonsense. But they are all optional. You don't have to click on any of that stuff. It's up to you. Most of the game will just be fun adventures. Or whatever else you want me to add.

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