Sunday 29 January 2017

How to get YOUR idea into the game

I hope to add at least two user-added pages (that is, two pictures with accompanying text) every day. But a single suggestion might require ten pages. So clearly I can't to add everything. But do not despair! This is how to make sure I add your brilliant idea, and not those dumb ideas from other people.

I'm more likely to use your idea if it's...
  1. Fully scripted:
    Thinking is hard for me! If you say "why not do X" then I have to think about how to do it, what to draw, what to write, what choices to add, what do do on those pages, and so on. That takes time and makes my brain hurt! But if you tell me exactly what to draw and what words to write, and I like it, that's quick and easy for me, plus you get exactly what you wanted.
  2. With choices:
    Every page should have at least two choices at the end (unless the hero dies!) Those choices mean either MORE new pages, or they should link to slightly later in the same story, or the start of a different story. Or if you design your idea carefully you could add a loop back to one of your previous new pages, but it has to make sense (or be funny). Thinking of choices is hard,! So if you do it for me I am more likely to use your idea.
  3. Fun.
    I want people to feel rewarded for clicking! Don't be afraid to be silly, or random.
  4. Mind expanding.
    It's all about the ideas!
  5. Fixing a bug.
    Found a spelling mistake? A line that doesn't make sense? A link that obviously goes to the wrong place? Please let me know! I always fix those first.
And now you know the secret. Happy scripting! 

P.S. Let me know if you want your name on the pages you suggest.

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  1. Man simply stopped thinking...Me: John The Harmonica Man